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Really, I don't want to go alone TT_TT If nobody will go, then I won't too, but that does mean my current project's debute won't be before Tsunacon...

Anyway, please let me know if you go to Nishicon or not and which day. Maybe we can meet up :3

PS: I would very much appreciate it if I can travel (partly) with someone ^^;

Plushie part 1

To make my cosplay complete, I'm currently working on a plushie of about 2.5 metres long ^^; Up to today, I've drawn and cut the patterns and I've also cut the fabric. So everything is ready to be sewn together ^^

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I haven't been able to cut out every pattern yet as I was stupid enough to forget to buy fabric in one more colour that I need. But once I've bought that, I can cut out those parts too and sew it with the rest of the plushie. The biggest parts are the body, head, and (ear)wings and these are ready to be sewn now ^^

More pictures will come when I've progressed more. If I have enough time left, I might make a little cute buddy for this one as it seems I still have plenty of fabric left ^^ If this is really going to happen depends on the time I have left. And otherwise, I might introduce the li'l tyke at Tsunacon 2015 ^^

Can you guess which plushie I'm currently making? And do you have any idea who this li'l tyke is going to be?

Cosplay teaser pic~

Let's see who knows this character :) Guess in three... two... one... GO!
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Midnight cosplay work list

After seeing some of my great friends again, I came home today with a new cosplay costume waiting for me :3 It immediately reminded me of my work list to complete this cosplay for Nishicon in November.

As expected, the quality of the costume is good, but the costume needs a bit re-sizing. My biggest worry was the main body part, made of the difficult-to-sew-with spandex. That part was made with a perfect fit and still room to eat my fill and move freely (and it still looks how it must look)!
In real, the bodysuit is hold up with a neck-band. That one turned out to be oversized so it doesn't fit around my nek and throat well. I can easily solve this by just adding a second piece of velcro (might give more support too). So that won't be a problem.
A blue orb is missing, I need to somehow make one or buy one...
The black cape, that comes with the costume actually has a wine-red inner layer instead of a black inner layer. If I have time and money, I'll try to change that by putting a new layer over the current inner layer.
Also, the cape need some additional yellow shoulder pieces which I think are originally used to attach the cape to the costume. They're missing and I don't know yet what's the best way to make them.
The gloves for once have a perfect finger fit and around the wrist it's not that much oversized. Still, it's too oversized to not do anything about it, so I'm thinking about making a black elastic band (which need to be over the wrist part of the gloves anyway) to get a perfect fit.
The boots can finally be painted as I now know the exact colour it must become. I'm thinking about making the same black elastic bands for the boots as I'll make for the gloves.
The plushie still needs to be finished. It's a work in progress. And then there are some other small details like painting my poke balls (yes, pokemon trainer cosplay) and other small items that come with the character.
A new needs to be ordered, one that is actually right...

Well, I got loads to do change and to add to make my cosplay as complete as possible with my budget and creative abilities. I'll add some teaser pictures throughout the next few months so you can all see my work in progress ^^


Right, made the biggest mis-purchase of the year >_< It's a cosplay wig that turned out different than picture AND description told me >_< It was a really hard search as apparently the wig I want seems to be sold NOWHERE and doing the styling myself completely simply takes too much time. All I need is a long sky-blue cosplay ponytail wig. That mis-purchase appeared to be the ponytail alone, so still no wig. And the colour is sooo different TT_TT

I ám thinking of a new possibility but I want to know from others first if it has a chance to work out at all before I start working on it. Whenever I try to find this wig of mine, I come across loads of Hatsune Miku wigs, which is all great (there are matches with the right colour picture AND description), but Miku has two tails and not a ponytail. Now I wonder if that really matters, or if it's actually possible to transform a Miku wig into a wig with one ponytail on the back. Since I don't have a Miku wig or any other wig with ponytails, I can't try this out...

So, does anyone have an idea if this might be able to work? I really hope so, because this is my last chance to get a nicely styled wig in the right colour for Nishicon this november

Abunai vs. Nishicon

Choose 1 of 4!

1: Abunai
2: Nishicon
3: Both
4: Neither

If chosen 1/2/3:
- Which days will you be going?

I really want to know when everyone is going since I don't want to end up saving for a con where nobody's going to ^^;

I can't be completely sure if I'll be able to finish my cosplay in time for Abunai, but I'll do my very best ^_~


I saw this meme and decided to spend some time on it as well

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Arty is going to Fantasia Threntonum!

Very last-minute decision xD But I have to go to it! It's only €6 entrance fee AND it's held in Zuidlaren, a village within an hour reach of my home ^w^
Abe de Verteller will be there + Rapalje and two other bands with similar music style (Kowai and Flannery). Oh god this will be so good! Abe will tell 4 stories tomorrow! <3 I haven't heard his stories since the Elf Fantasy Fair in April 2012 :O I really need to catch up with that!

Well, a fantasy fair isn't a fantasy fair without a costume! So I've turned my just cleaned room into chaos to get my Arty costume and bought some new booties because the previous ones died :( These boots differ a bit from the previous ones as they have a lower height (can't notice that though because of my costume's design) en the front has a pointed edge


Can't wait for tomorrow! :D
I'm in the middle of my second exam week and it's a real pain up to now. I've had 5 exams so far and I passed 2 of them already (the final discussion and the assessment about my two written reports). I still need to get my results of my English letter of complaint, my exam about ethology & reproduction and my exam about balancing planet, people and profit. Those 3 all sucked in their own ways >_<

There's 1 exam left, the one that's most feared among students of all years of the study T_T The exam is about DNA reading, genetic calculations and population management and it sucks! I've practiced some example questions and I felt pretty depressed after my session T_T The stuff I need to learn is just horribly boring and difficult >_< And then 2/3 of the exam is made by teachers who are very critical >_<

I can only think of one survival plan which maybe (very maybe) makes me pass this horror: DNA reading is straightforward and thus pretty easy to learn (thank goodness). I just need to practice it regularly to make sure I know what to do right away. I can learn partly for genetic calculations. There are many things mentioned, but the ones that must help me get some points are the Mendel, Hardy-Weinberg, and pedigree calculations. I think I understand how these calculations work (don't ask me how) so practicing them hopefully results in some points for my failed efforts. For the population management part, I just need to do a lot of guesswork and hope some of my argumentations are good enough for a few points.

Sinterklaas and the VN accusation

Wow, I can't remember the last time the VN made an accusation towards a children's holiday! Here's the story.

In the Netherlands, there's this Dutch festival called Sinterklaas. This festival is about an old man, Sinterklaas, who has many Zwarte Pieten who help him with giving presents to children who have been nice. The story is says that naughty children would be put in bags and taken to Spain, the country where Sinterklaas lives when he doesn't visit the Netherlands. Now I guess I don't have to tell you what's really true about this story, right?

Let's move on to the accusation then. Zwarte Pieten are called that way because they have a (unnaturally) black skin. There are some people within the Netherlands who believe that this festival expresses the slavery of black people in the history. They believe Zwarte Piet is symbol of racism. The story as how it's known in the Netherlands, however, states that the Zwarte Piet is black because they climb through chimneys to deliver the presents to the children and the soot in the chimneys actually makes their skin black. There is no slavery or intention to racism found in this part of the whole story about Zwarte Piet.

Now it doesn't matter what one believes or what one not believes. What's disgusting about the VN accusation in this matter is that a children's festival will be ruined due to some adults who believe having Zwarte Piet is racism. Well, I believe that if Zwarte Piet should be forbidden, according to the VN, then the useage of reindeers for Santa Claus should be forbidden because those poor souls must do such a hard job (animal cruelty!).

The point I want to make with this story, is that we adults musn't infiltrate in a children's festival. Really, the children don't care about racism, all they see is Sinterklaas en Zwarte Piet creating a lot of fun with them! Let them just enjoy a holiday as this one instead of some stupid adults trying to destroy millions of little hearts. How can you explain to a Dutch child that Sinterklaas won't ever come again? It's the same as trying to explain that Santa Claus will never come again to children who celebrate Christmas with Santa Claus. I guess you can feel what I feel if you think about that.

I think this whole accusation is destroying the dream of many children to meet Sinterklaas and Zwarte Piet. As a reasonable human, I can't see the good in thàt.